Who do you think you are?


July 2015, article published in El Periódico de Catalunya

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? And who do you think the others are? But what on earth are you doing? Ah, ok, you’re waiting. Sure. One thing, why? Or better yet, for whom? Or for how long?

Summer arrives. Tick tock. Time moves on. It’s not them, it’s you. Isn’t it time to invest? First because it couldn’t be done. Now because it’s not time. So, when? Here and now. It’s what you have. Because this is serious. We’re talking about the future. It’s happening. With or without you. Or worse, against you.

It’s August already. Use your vacation time to decide when. Because that is what’s relevant. Nothing more. Nothing less. Radical. Like that, boom. But don’t delay. Be careful, be cautious. Bah! We already know the theory. Change the dictionary. Use other words like urgency, speed, courage, character, vision. They scare, and even hurt. In fact, they hurt inside and out, so that even thinking of it pulls on the seams of your jacket.

Vertigo, emotion, nerves. What is it worth to reach a dream? The question is not what do you do, or how, but why. And so, once again, who do you think you are? Because the new has already died. Even the latest arrives late. So do yourself a favor, put all hands on deck, because it looks more like you are taking your hands off deck. A fact, in 2012 Apple spent 3.400 million on it.

In its category, it’s one of those who invest the least. In fact, for that reason it’s a bad example. I know. We’re always doing that, using big companies as a reference. But it works for me, it works to compare with all of Spain. Because of our GDP we invested a modest 1,24% in 2013, which is 13.000 million.

That is, only four times more than a single company, one which doesn’t do it especially well. So there is something to think about, I say, but let’s not think too much. Because we can do it better.

These lines are just that, one column more, within yet another newspaper, one day more. One month more, one year more. That is, another lost opportunity. Who goes to the fair, loses his chair. That’s why we are where we are. Well, I want to go to the fair. With a bit of luck this text will have a light visual impact on the reader, something ephemeral, miniscule, even unimportant.

Although what I would really like, is that they would hurt they eye, or even better, make the soul bleed. That they become something insufferable, uncomfortable, sure, certain, mobilizing consciousness and also the pocketbooks of all for advancement. I wish my letters, however small, could grab us by the lapels, strong, and push us towards where we need to go as a society.

To the limit. It’s the end of the road until today. First stop on a journey we could call illusion, maybe tomorrow. To respect ourselves a bit. It’s time, today, this month and year. We only need 10 characters, but how good they would be: innovation. And we could ask the same question, although now seen from the other side: who do you think you are?

Image: Forbes

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