The commercial street, in BBC Radio 4


November 2016, interview originally broadcasted on BBC Radio 4


The commercial street in Spain and UK, in BBC Radio 4

In Spain the small independent shop (the one of all the life) is much more successful than in other European countries. Elsewhere the “shopping street” of most cities is dominated by chain stores.You & Yours program from BBC Radio 4, which deals with aspects of consumer interest, conducted an interview with Pablo Foncillas to learn more about the Spanish local shop:

How has historically been the small local trade sector? Is this trend going on, or changing in recent years? Does eCommerce influence this trend? You can listen to the talk between Winifred Robinson and Pablo by playing the video above, or directly on BBC website (in the section “Euro High street”).

Formado en la Escuela Suiza (habla 4 idiomas), Pablo Foncillas es licenciado en derecho y MBA del IESE Business School. Compagina su vida en el entorno académico y como conferenciante junto con roles directivos y de consultoría en varias industrias desde los años 90. ¿Hablamos? Clica aquí para contactarme por correo electrónico