Sure you don’t…


September 2015, article published in El Periódico de Catalunya

Sure you don’t…

 Sure you don’t have it. No way. You are not going to convince me because it is difficult. Few ever consider it and even fewer achieve it. You’re not there. Not by far. Not even close.
We are back from summer and we all say it’s hard to reconnect, when perhaps we should do the opposite: disconnect. Disconnect from playing it safe and plug in and boom, change. Disconnect from business as usual and seize the moment to explore the unknown. Disconnect from the old Jack, Knight and King to go for a straight flush. Disconnect from returning to the routine to forge a new path.

Even if you don’t have it, what about going out to get it? Oh, you don’t know where. What do I know? Don’t look at me. What I do is denounce. Agitate from the verb, just for a moment. Even if you barely notice. For me it’s enough if just one person feels mobilized.

Because you are the one to decide. You’re the one in the captain’s chair, on the bridge, at the helm. Don’t wait for a beautifully gift-wrapped package for your birthday. This is not given as a gift. But it is found when searched for with tenacity, effort, and determination. And it can be found in a conversation with the cleaning lady, or perhaps asking the new intern on your team, or maybe observing your building’s doorman. It depends on your will to listen, be curious, and put your senses where they have never been before. Because, who else must?

I think it is in your paycheck. You’ve gotten an education and been given the tools to do it, but you don’t dare. Something stops you. Your boss, your partner, your sixth sense, your… let’s call it what it is: your fear. And I don’t blame you. I’m not a good example because I have fear, and lots of it. Every time I give a lecture, or face a classroom.
But something can be done because I know, I have been told, it is said, others do it. Without doctors, or coaches, or substances of any kind. And they have succeeded. Examples? Many. A few names: Lucas Carné, Marc Subirats, Marcos Luengo, or Gabriel Sáenz de Buruaga. Even if their knees trembled when they were doing it. Even if their surroundings were hostile and said to them: You don’t have it either. They did not listen to the dominant culture. They were open to try. To be bold. To fall. To suffer because it was worth it. Courage, what a treasure.

The journey is better than the result. But if on top of everything you succeed, that is the icing on the cake. Because who said you can’t get water from a stone, or that you should let sleeping dogs lie?

There it is. Innovation can seem as absurd as that, as achieving the impossible. But it is not. It needs courage, though. A lot of courage. Ask yourself whether you have enough of it. You don’t, do you? Innovation requires starting from there. Without courage there is no beginning, only an end.


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