Keys to “The art of failing in predictions”: should we fear failure?

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Keys to “The art of failing in predictions”: should we fear failure?

November 2014


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Woody Allen once said “I care about the future because it’s where I will spend the rest of my life.” At Zenith we feel the same way. That’s why there are more than 100 advertising investment predictions published in Spain, ZenithVigía, and Zenthinela, a reference in the sector, give proof of it.

Yesterday we celebrated the “first centenary” and we wanted to do it justice: speaking of the future, of getting it right and failing (with style) in predictions. An event that took place in the Espacio CÓMO in Madrid to hear those who know about the future and can help us arrive there optimistically.

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Pablo Foncillas, of IESE, closed the event by speaking of “Failure forensics. Some keys to fail predictions with success”, and he aimed in one direction: “Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s just the exchanging coin to arrive at success. Don’t be afraid of failure.” What’s more, as an educator he affirmed that “we should have classes on managing failure.”

Professor Foncillas identified 4 types of managers: superblamers, infrablamers, selfblamers, and no-blamers. And he advises, not just to managers but to parents generally: “your children are going to work in professions that do not exist today. Don’t teach them established patterns.”

Read the full article HERE.

Formado en la Escuela Suiza (habla 4 idiomas), Pablo Foncillas es licenciado en derecho y MBA del IESE Business School. Compagina su vida en el entorno académico y como conferenciante junto con roles directivos y de consultoría en varias industrias desde los años 90. ¿Hablamos? Clica aquí para contactarme por correo electrónico

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