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The backbone of Pablo Foncillas’ leadership career is based on dynamism, internationalization, adaptation, and multiculturalism. His professional steps have taken him to different countries, companies, roles, markets, functional areas, and industries in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer leading companies.
Beginning in junior roles, his career has developed to take him all the way to the executive committees of various companies, each with thousands of employees, in general management positions requiring close contact with various cultures (German, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, and Spanish).


Board member
Active participation in projects




logo-portaventura-ftChief commercial officer
3.500 employees/170 M€ revenue

Interim management for the general management of communication and president’s cabinet (Ibex 35 company)
18.000 employees/20.000 M€ revenue

General deputy director
6.000 employees in Spain/170 M€ revenue

Chief marketing officer
4.500 employees/1.200 M€ revenue

Commercial director and account group director
300 employees in Spain/200 M€ revenue
Strategic planning department and corporate development and international accounts (EMEA)
15.000 employees/+1oo markets

Board member at

SantaCana Complementos

Other professional achievements

Jury at Festival Sol 2013
efi logo
Jury EFI awards 2007
(Most prestigious marketing award in Spain)
SAS logo

SAS group Top Management Program (one of the 3 selected amongst 4.500 employees; only Spanish selected)

Scholarship recipient - Institut Català de Tecnología

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Winner of several EFI awards
Fundacion exit logo

Collaborator for the Fundación Éxit
Logo Y&R

Rising Star Young&Rubicam EMEA

Some opinions from people Pablo worked with

  • I know Pablo since he was a lawyer willing to work in Marketing so I have been able to track his career from his first post as advertising executive to international coordination roles always with tangible business results. He is determined, focused and honest, and has a sense of urgency in achieving his goals. No matter the sector, from advertising to aeronautics or food industry, he has been a curious young brain in search of proffesional excellence. Being so while keeping a great family life makes Pablo not only a skilled pro but a good person. So I strongly endorse Pablo."
    Miguel Lopez-Quesada, CEO Spain and President Iberia & Latam, Weber Shandwick,
  • Pablo is an outstanding professional with broad range of strengths and highly versatile. He proved to be a great communicator, highly structured and strong management skills. I would recommend Pablo highly for any senior-level post."
    Marc Schader, European Account Managing Director, Y&R Europe,
  • Tuve el placer de colaborar con Pablo durante varios años en Spanair, durante los cuales aprendí mucho de él. Su gran conocimiento, experiencia, liderazgo y capacidad de trabajo (entre otras muchas cualidades), hacen de él un magnífico profesional, capaz de afrontar cualquier reto que se le proponga. Además, Pablo es un gestor orientado a resultados, muy analítico e innovador. Su perfil es idóneo para CMO o COO de cualquier gran compañía!"
    Pablo Sánchez, SVP E-commerce, Spanair,
  • He tenido el placer de trabajar en el equipo de Pablo en Spanair durante casi dos años. Me resulta difícil resumir todas las virtudes que reune, aunque intentaré remarcar algunas. Destacar de su desempeño su gran preparación personal, amplia visión de negocio, orientación a resultados y gran dedicación, consigue implicar y motivar a su equipo para que sepa dar de sí todo lo mejor. Paralelamente, su calidad humana me parece inmejorable. En mi entorno laboral, que es la Investigación de Mercados, hay dos preguntas determinantes para valorar si un producto o servicio ha sido satisfactorio: la intención de repetición de compra y la recomendación a terceras personas. Yo, indudablemente, repetiría el trabajar en su equipo, y recomiendo a Pablo a cualquiera que necesite un gran profesional en el ámbito de la alta dirección."
    Josep C. Heras, Marketing Research Manager, Spanair,
  • Pablo was one of the brightest customers we've worked with. He looked for the right mix of services and asked the right questions when we suggested a solution, always extremely careful that it would add true value to his team and company. He's a real good communicator, someone who you'd want to team up with."
    Alfonso de la Nuez, Owner, UserZoom,
  • I reported directed to Pablo for 3 years in Spanair. He is excellent as a boss and as a colleague. With vision, influence ability, innovative. Persistent and very enthusiastic person who makes things happen!!. He delivered excellent results and was a pleasure to work with."
    Sol de Lorenzo Valdelomar, VP Marketing Services, Spanair,
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Pablo Foncillas, his performance working for Aramark proved that he will be a valuable addition to any company. I have known Pablo for one year in my capacity CFO of Line of Business. I would rank him in a high position based in his creativity and professionality showed all this time. Pablo is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills."
    Jonatan Ojeda, CFO Line Of Business, Aramark,
  • Pablo's skills are totally unusual in the advertising industry. He is a talented manager which works very hard and introduced a very professional and determined way of managing internal and external relations. He always approached solutions from a very serious and mature perspective. Sometimes, he looked more senior than he was really, because of his not very long experience in the field market. However, his determination and positive ambition helped him in gaining respect among the "selective" group of creative minds.
    JM De La Nuez, CEO at Grupo Delvico Bates,
  • Pablo is a true leader. He comprehends the nature of business, understands the key levers to be pressed and pushes his team and colleagues to reach objectives, breaking barriers and creating synergies where not
 expected. Tremendously result driven, he is able to generate solutions and think out of the box. He posesses a great ability to learn fast and is using it together with a hard-work philosophy - which in turn makes him an extremely efficient professional. I have enjoyed very much working with him and I consider him the kind of leader I would be really glad to work with, being sure that success will be reached."
    Albert Muntane, Business Development Manager - Revenue & Pricing Strategies, Spanair,
  • Pablo is a demanding professional of the marketing and of the communication. I work with him at the beginning of their career, and he always showed me enthusiasm and encouragemnt to face any challenge. He is very analytic and reflexive and he has acquired not only a solid formation in business , but a cultural and humanistic sensibility that he has pick up of their personal environment since he was very young. I believe that Pablo is very qualified to manage projects that imply the necessity to organize complex processes or to achieve the integration of teams and very diversified resources , because he is able to think in an abstract way, while he mobilizes resources and strengths of the organization."
    Antonio Monerris, Director Estratégico / Founder Managing Partner, Vinizus Y&R Barcelona,
  • Pablo is a true "entrepreneur". He goes step by step to drive in the right direction. He's totally business oriented. He hears, understands, and takes decisions. I am gratefully to have worked with him. Pablo is outstanding in terms of strategy, positioning and communication for products and services."
    Miguel Oscáriz, General Manager Barcelona, BSB, Grupo Delvico Bates,