Commercial innovation after 30 conferences and 3k participants

Commercial innovation after 30 conferences and 3k participants

After the vacation season, I believe it is time for quick review of this year’s 1st semester. It is always good to stop, think and reflect. Here are 6 points:

1)      I love working and prepare materials for students alongside with my colleagues from the marketing department at IESE business School regarding innovation, sales, marketing and digital themes;

2)      I have given around 30 conferences (many outside IESE Business School and most around the online marketing topic);

3)      I have taken around 20 plane trips (not many…I am happy about this!);

4)      6 cities (all in Europe);

5)      If I add up all the people that have seen me in action during this period, it will amount to about 3.000 souls (about 500 in IESE Business School);

6)      Seeing these numbers, I can only remember the great Churchill:  “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”

For me, what remains is that these have been happy days, weeks and months.

That’s commercial innovation…you help to stir people’s conscience, those who strive to sell more…and the funny part is…I get a lot of ideas back…a lot…and, at the same time people tell me that this is what I gave them as well…ideas.

And this makes me happy. Ergo the innovation gives you happiness. : )