Cabecera-El_Periódico_de_Catalunya_newspaperJuly 2016, article published originally in El Periódico de Catalunya

And if…?

Have we gone mad? Do we agree that innovation is the secret ingredient to business success? And if I were a cook? How do the people I admire manage to come up with good ideas? What do they do differently? And if we spent the summer reflecting? And if we turned off the autopilot? And if I am brave? And if I am capable of responding to these questions: What do I want to do? With whom? How am I going to do it?

And if I ask why? Or why not? Why have things always been done this way? What would happen if my competitors changed?

Have you ever played “what would happen if”? Shall we try it? What would happen if I didn’t innovate in my company? What would happen if tomorrow I began to walk in a new direction, if only with measured footsteps, small and modest?

What would happen if I contracted people who helped me innovate? And if I don’t contract them, what will be the plan of action? What would happen if I listened more and said less? If I asked more, with real interest in knowing the answers, would things go better for me? And if I admit that I don’t have the solution to all problems? How can I help the people around me innovate?

How can I be more innovative myself? What would happen if I invested more than usual in innovation? Who said that everything has already been done? Who are you, or better yet, who am I to think this is more of the same? Why does the order of the factors alter the product? And if I alter the order of the product, do I generate a different factor? What would happen if I went to extremes? If I cut back to half or multiplied by ten, would the value proposition change?

And if I stop selling products to sell services? And if I do? Do we dare? And if I ask why? Or why not? Why have things always been done this way? What would happen if my competitors changed? And if our favorite pastime weren’t jumping to conclusions? And if I dedicate time, effort, neurons to understanding how to do things differently instead of starting at the end?

What is my company’s innovation model? Ah, but do I have one? And if I break the status quo? And if I question the unquestionable? And if the restrictions I have in place at my company prove fatal for innovation? And if everything isn’t a trade off?

And if I talk to people I usually don’t? And if I make small talk with people who have nothing to do with me? And if I ask myself where they are? What do I do to be with them? And if I travel alone? And if it turns out it works? And if I go where everyone left? And if I go where no one goes? And if I was mistaken?

And if I observe? And if I experiment? And if I dedicate time to something that isn’t “work”? Do I work only in the office? And if I go to an electronic music festival or to an exhibition on the “isms”? And if the museum guide gives me the solution? And if I part from new hypotheses? And if I transform ideas into powerful actions? And if I take a risk?

And if yes? And if no? And if…?

Picture by Gerd Altmann